If you are looking for a beautiful, simple, personalized and thoughtful gift idea, this is it.

Animal figurines have been experiencing somewhat of a comeback. As classic toys we’ve all grown up with, there’s a special place in all our hearts for them. From age 5 to 99, there are no age limits for imaginative play. Safari Ltd® has a wide variety of animals–– from prehistoric to wildlife to the mystical–– making them an ideal place to shop for your very special loved ones’ unique tastes.

Each figurine is designed from inspiration, crafted with care and then hand painted making this gift a quality souvenir that lasts a lifetime, literally. Quality engineering done right: Safari Ltd® figurines stand the test of time and are often passed down from generation to generation.Our Duckling figure with our Giant Sloth


Something for everyone

However, it’s the toys’ versatile uses that truly make each an adaptable present for your friends and family. Children around the world play with them, collectors accumulate them, DIY and decor enthusiasts use them for arts & crafts and do-it-yourself projects, teachers transform classroom games and sensory bins with them, and the list goes on.Our Masiakasaurus is having some Christmas Fun

Getting in touch with the world around you

In a world saturated with technology, apps, hand-held video and computer games, Safari Ltd® figurines offer something priceless: getting in touch with yourself and the living world around you. The imagination these figures evoke come from an extraordinary place inside us. Whether for children or adults–– games, projects or collections–– traditional toys help you access your wildest, dreamiest creativity.

Our Red Deer Stag is perfect for Christmas Fun

The easiest gift you’ll choose this season

Another thing we look for in our often busy lives–– which are undoubtedly crazier around the holiday time–– are simple, straightforward gift ideas we know will hit a home run. Something that fits in a box and works as a perfect stocking stuffer, this is a token that won’t take you hours and multiple shopping stops to purchase OR break the bank (the most expensive figurine retails at $29.99 people!). It’s a classic way to show your appreciation you can pick and wrap without too much sweat.

There’s never been an easier way to send warm wishes, and that’s why we can’t get enough of these quality figurines! Check out some of Safari Ltd®’s new 2016 items for holiday gifting inspiration!

For more information on products, visit SafariLtd.com or check out your local toy shop, zoo, museum or aquarium!

It’s a part of the Thanksgiving tradition to … well… give thanks!

What better way to decorate your Thanksgiving Day table than with the gratitude of your guests? This year, download our free DIY “I’m thankful for” printables.

Turkey with FlashcardYou and your guests can fill in what you’re most grateful for  in the blank space. These cards make excellent dinner party  accessories, working as both décor and an interactive  activity. For added design, feature our Turkey figurine to  accentuate your spread!

What are you thankful for? Are you making any DIY  decorations this year? Let us know with the hashtag  #LOVESafari!

Click on the link to download your FREE Thanksgiving  Printable!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! While we’re getting ready for the season by planning delicious meals and gatherings, we don’t want to lose sight of the educational opportunity for you and your little ones.

Powhatan Indians Flashcards Circle

Historically, Thanksgiving is the day that Native Americans and pilgrim settlers held a feast at Plymouth after having a successful harvest. Both parties gathered together and gave their thanks. The Native Americans had, of course, lent a hand to the early settlers by teaching them how to catch fish and plant crops, like corn.

Educational Flashcards on Powhatan Indians

Lay out your educational flash cards!

This Thanksgiving, make sure to take some time to teach your kids about the rich history behind this great national tradition. Our favorite way to highlight these classroom lessons at home are by using Toys that Teach®. Learning through the art of play has a wonderful way of cementing educational information with kids. They explore and come to realizations on their own–– and it’s fun!

Powhatan Woman Cooking

Match the figure with its flashcard!

On the link below, make sure to download your FREE educational flash cards that correspond with the Safari Ltd® Powhatan Indians TOOB®. This provides a creative and educational activity for parents and their children during this Thanksgiving holiday.

How they work: Match the figurines with their respective flashcards! Be interactive with your little ones and ask them about the Native American tribe. There are so many lessons to be learned!

Share your photos with us! Use the hashtag #LOVESafari to show off how you’re using your free educational flash cards!

Educational Printables

Don’t forget to download your FREE printable!

Download our Powhatan Indians Educational Flash Cards!

New products mean new projects and learning games for your little ones…

NEW Safari Ltd® products

How does a classic toy company stay ahead of the curve? Creativity and listening skills.

Safari Ltd® toys have been a long-time favored companion for parents and educators around the world. Whether as a complementary extension of a lesson plan, field trip or vacation, their educational toys have been the perfect way to incite genuine imaginative play in a world overrun by video games and apps. The company has been dedicated to saving creativity one figurine at a time.

This year though, there are some inventive updates to their traditional figurines… and new ways to use Toys That Teach®. A select few items are available to the public, and we’ve got the exclusive on how they came to be and how you can get crafty and scholastic with them.


This year, Safari released a set of animated dragons, taking a slight departure from the more traditional portrayal of what these magnificent winged creatures look like. The reason? Setting the bar higher and pushing creative limits. A company well known for its realistic and accurate portrayal of nature’s creatures wanted to show it can conquer the imaginative realm as well. And it sure did. Among its adorable new-style figurines are Happy Dragon and Grumpy Dragon, respectively, the mother-daughter duo Love Dragon and Baby Love Dragon, Baby Luck Dragon and Sleepy Dragon.

Already getting favorable reviews from parents, the more cartoon-like creatures are funny and loveable, resonating especially among younger kiddos and adults with a soft spot for cuteness.

New Safari Ltd® products!

New Safari Ltd® products!


Every year, Safari updates some of its most beloved animals to keep its reigning title as the leader of accurate and authentic figurines. On occasion, the CEO and President’s real life-up-close encounters result in the remastering and updating of its figurines. The dedicated pair are outdoor enthusiasts who take their mission to spread awareness of nature and its conservation quite seriously. That means more parents and teachers trust Safari Ltd® to give their kids an accurate portrayal of nature’s creatures.

A few of this year’s new animal figurines are the Wild Safari® Sealife octopus, Wild Safari® Wildlife platypus, chimpanzee and white cobra.

New Safari Ltd® products!


New dinosaur figurines are a no brainer for Safari. Their unique dinos have been heralded by scholars and the paleontologist community at large as the best figurines on the market. Each year, Safari works with accredited institutions to see what new discoveries have been made and bring a select few of those discoveries into your little ones’ hands. This year’s MVP’s are the Doediecurus and Plesiosuchus.

Safari Ltd® New Products!



The Good Luck Minis® line in general has been a darling in the arts & crafts community. In response to the growing DIY-Safari Ltd® craze, the company has come out with several non-animal figurines, like the mini enlightened Buddha, Lucky Dragon and heart. Additionally, many of its traditional animal figurines have been making appearances as cake toppers at rustic, folksy-styled weddings and DIY decor elements for interior design, both of which are big trends in the fashion world.

Some of this year’s brides, DIY diehards and party planners’ favorite accessories are: Wild Safari® North American Wildlife black bear and wings of the world pelican, toucan and cockatoo.

New Safari Ltd® products!


New Good Luck Minis® and Bulk Bags mean more opportunities for kids to get to know their favorite animals in miniature. Many teachers, particularly in the Montessori community, have reached out to Safari citing the minis are excellent for counting exercises, sensory bins and other learning activities.

This year’s new line up: Powhatan Indians bulk bag, Exotic and Arctic mini Good Luck Minis® Fun Packs, and cheetah, harp seal, mammoth and zebra Good Luck Minis®.

New Safari Ltd® products!

New Safari Ltd® products!

Click the button below to shop till you drop on all these amazing new products!

Footers Blog

Fall fashion is kawaii.
We had a chance to catch up with Australian jewelry designer Felice Caffery. The crafty Aussie and self proclaimed “dinosaur bedazzler” has been making waves in the jewelry world. Inspired by kawaii harajuku fashion, a famous trend in Japanese culture that literally means “cute”, her bold color choices and unique style are shaking up the Etsy world of traditional jewels. Naturally, she gravitates to Safari Ltd® Good Luck Minis® for to their petite size and accuracy. Caffery catches us up on all the miniature details below.

Good Luck Minis Sharks Earrings

Good Luck Minis® Sharks Earrings

Where did the inspiration come from? Specifically, what part of the Japanese culture and fashion prompted dinosaur (or animals in general) jewelry?

I’ve had people ask me this a few times now, but it still remains the hardest question to answer! Looking back, I’ve always had a thing for making quirky and unusual jewelry but the whole idea really took off after my mum and I went for a holiday to Japan. I had done a bit of travel prior to this, but never before had I experienced such a complete freedom of expression through dress. The streets of Harajuku especially are alive with such an eclectic mix of people and styles of dress that it would be virtually impossible to not feel inspired. It made me realize that there was commercial potential for what had previously just been a hobby – so I set to work!

Did you always like dinosaurs growing up? What is your favorite type?

To be honest when I was really small, I was terrified of dinosaurs! I would wake my parents convinced that I could hear dinosaurs rampaging around in the garden outside. Somehow this transitioned into quite the obsession and I found myself collecting all dinosaur paraphernalia that I could get my hands on. If I had to pick out a dinosaur favorite, it would probably be the brachiosaurus. Being a vegetarian, I figure we could have been friends without wanting to eat each other!

Where did the name Dinosaurs for Tea come from?

When I first started out with Dinosaurs for Tea, I had the idea in my head that dinosaurs dressed up in frilly skirts and having tea parties was the most perfectly ridiculous juxtaposition and the name quickly came from this. At this point Dinosaurs for Tea was mainly a hobby and I would spend my time painting the toenails of all my toy dinosaurs, making them outfits and adorning them with rhinestones. They even had names to suit them, like Dorothy and Martha.

Design Process: How do you go about brainstorming a certain jewelry piece?

Many designers start the design process by perhaps sketching ideas or working from current trends. However, I’ve found that most of my inspiration for new pieces comes from things I stumble across, either online or during sourcing trips. I also love traveling and find that this is a great time to look for new ideas or design elements that I could incorporate into dinosaur pieces. Most recently, I had the chance to visit the Natural History Museum in London (which was amazing!) and they had glow-in-the-dark dinosaurs available in the gift store – I picked some up knowing they’d make great earrings.

Good Luck Minis® Dinosaur bracelet

Good Luck Minis® Dinosaur Bracelet

What thought goes into choosing which types of dinosaurs, colors, etc?

When fossicking for dinosaurs, I’m most attracted to bright colors or quality figures which have been painted in detail. One of my favorite things about the Good Luck Minis® is the surprising amount of detail given their size!

Do you ever make custom pieces when asked? Do you receive these types of requests?

Absolutely, I love making custom pieces! Usually when somebody requests something custom it’s because they’re a bit of a dinosaur enthusiast and want something even crazier than our standard fare. Before Christmas I had a customer request a ‘pineapple themed dinosaur phone case’ which was fantastic. I’ve also made a ‘crazy cat lady’ necklace which featured the whole Safari Ltd® domestic cats Toob®!

Why do you enjoy using Safari’s dinos and animal figurines? Is there something in their design you enjoy? The shape? Do any specific characteristics work particularly well with your jewelry brand?

As mentioned above, when sourcing dinosaurs one of the things I look for is quality and detailed paint work – both expectations that Safari Ltd®’s range of toys well and truly meets. My absolute favorites are the Good Luck Minis®, which I primarily use to make earrings as they are lightweight and the perfect size. Being soft and squishy makes them easier to work with when making a piece which is quite small and delicate. I use tiny screw eyes which wouldn’t be possible if they were made from a rigid plastic.

How did you stumble upon Safari Ltd®?

Finding the Safari Ltd® Good Luck Minis® was a complete stroke of luck! I first picked up a couple of the dinosaurs from a store in Japan but didn’t think to ask for the brand. Upon arriving home I spent hours online searching for teeny tiny T-rex before finally discovering Safari Ltd® – and that there was in fact an entire range of miniature animals!

Did you ever play with their toys as a kid?

I don’t think that I did have any dinosaurs out of the Safari Ltd® range as a small child, but I’ve never really grown up, so now I’m basically just a big kid with quite the collection of bedazzled dinosaurs!

Halloween is fast approaching!

As we get closer to this spooky holiday, kids start having Halloween parties. Whether it’s at school or home, you want to be sure to put them in the spirit!  Themed-party accessories, like Safari Ltd® TOOBS®, are a wonderful added touch to any gathering, especially one with sweets! These smaller figures still have intricate detail, making them a favorite among bakers and parents who are looking to add a little more than frosting to their cupcakes.

The tiny cake toppers are painted with several non-toxic paints making them safe to place on your children’s food. Kids can keep the toys once they’re finished eating. As an added bonus, TOOBS® figures feature the animals name right on the bottom of the figurine so your kids can learn as they play.

Black cat on cupcake

Our Halloween glow-in-the-dark Designer TOOBS® can be used as an excellent cupcake decoration!

Halloween cupcakes with a bat and a pumpkin.Just place them on top of a delicious cupcake and voila! Beautiful sweets converted into a spooky Halloween treat!

Halloween cupcakes featuring our Designer Toobs


Do you use Safari Ltd® TOOBS® for themed party decor? Share with us in the comments below!

Please remember that none of our products are edible!

It’s that spooky time of year again!

When children think of Halloween, they tend to think of pumpkins, scary things, costumes and candy, of course; trick-or-treating being at the center of it all! While this time honored tradition gives kids a reason to celebrate recieving free candy, imagine their excitement when they find out that someone gave them toys instead? TOOBS® Bulk Bags figures and Good Luck Minis® are an excellent alternative to sweets. The benefits of educational toys far outweigh those of too much sweets (like cavities!). Knowing they will be recieving candy regardless, being the home to give away a toy instead will certainly make your house the most unique on the block.

Good Luck Minis® outside of Treat Bag

Our Good Luck Minis® are great for treat bags!

Click here for a FREE Halloween printable featuring Bernie, our mascot extrodinaire, for added treats! Simply print, cut and place inside trick-or-treaters’ bags!

Safari Ltd® Printable

Remember to print out our free Halloween Bernie printable!

Make sure to share your Halloween creations with us using the hashtag #LOVESafari

*Good Luck Minis® are recommended for ages 5 and up.

*TOOBS® are recommended for ages 3 and up.

Treat bag fun!

Treat bag fun!

Don’t forget to join our Halloween photo contest! Winner will be announced this Halloween!

Please remember that none of our products are edible!

The end of summer is near! No worries though, you can still have one last awesome cookout on Labor Day! Get into the worker’s day spirit with these simple decorations featuring USA TOOBS®!


What you need:

Needed materials for Decorative Rice Jar

Needed materials for Jar

  • Rice
  • Vinegar
  • Red and Blue Food Coloring
  • 2 Zip Lock Bags
  • Jar
  • USA Toobs®

Step 1: Color the rice

In order to create red, white and blue rice, we need to color two separate batches. For every cup of rice you use, you need 1 tablespoon of vinegar. Pour 1 cup of rice, 1 tablespoon of vinegar and generous amounts of food coloring into a zip lock bag. Shake well.

Red and Blue rice inside zip lock bags.

Here we have the rice dyed in the zip lock bags.

Step 2: Dry the rice

Once you’ve shaken both your bags of red and blue rice, take them out of the bags and leave them out to dry. We suggest using a tray to dry the rice. Wait an hour or two for the rice to dry.


Colored Rice is being dried.

Make sure to leave the rice out to dry!

Step 3: Pour the rice into the jar and add the figures!

Pour the red rice into your jar, followed by the white uncolored rice and then the blue rice. While you’re pouring the rice, add the figures!

Blue Rice

Fill in the Rice Jar. First pour red, then white and lastly blue.

Step 4: Add the USA TOOBS into the jar

Place the figurines inside the jar (between each layer of rice, as seen in step 3). Try placing them near the edge of the glass so they can be seen!

Step 5: DONE!

And you’re done! You have a simple DIY decoration ready for your Labor Day barbecue!

USA Rice Jar

Done! Proudly display your USA Rice Jar!


DIY USA TOOBS® Burger Toothpicks

We have a simple Burger decorative toothpick DIY that’ll give you pride to be in the USA!

What you need:

  • Toothpicks
  • Tape

Step 1: Tape our figurines to the back of the toothpick

You need toothpicks

Don’t forget your toothpicks!

Tape the toothpick behind the figurine

Tape the toothpick.

Simple. Just tape the toothpick behind the figurines.

Step Two: Stick them in your burger!

That’s it! Now you have simple decoration that you can insert inside the burger. Bon Appetite!

Liberty bell toothpick decoration

The liberty bell makes an awesome decoration!

Have a safe and happy Labor Day!


Back to School is upon us!

Parents, children and teachers everywhere are beginning to gather supplies and shift back into school mode. We couldn’t be happier and have a little gift for parents and teachers looking for new ways to engage their children while learning.

We all know the importance of teaching the life cycles of an animal. It’s a key lesson in science and in life! Nature’s miracle can be taught in a number of ways, but one of the most impactful is hands on observation and imaginative play. Our Life Cycle Safariology® products have been used by countless educators in so many creative ways to bring this transformation to life.

Today, we have learning materials that will take the academic experience of our Life Cycle Toys That Teach® a step further. On the link below, please access your Free Animal Life Cycles Learning Flashcards. These fun tools correspond to two of our products, Life Cycle of a Ladybug and Life Cycle of a Green Sea Turtle. The flashcards bring the educational figurine to life visually, leaving a blank space for your little ones to fill in as they observe the animal figurines in a hands on-interactive way.

Free Animal Life Cycles Learning Flashcards

A great way to fuse science and imagination, these flashcards will reinforce what you’re student is learning as he plays.
Have you used Safariology® Life Cycle Series in your classroom or at home? Share with us how these flashcards worked for you!

We’re getting ready for one of our favorite weeks of the year, Discovery Show’s Shark Week!

Gathering the kiddos and binging on shark stories and up-close cringe worthy shots of Hammer Heads and Big Whites… there’s nothing sweeter. Quality time and educational play are two fundamental parts of raising a family. TV events, like Shark Week, work well in tandem with Toys That Teach®; They’re a natural fit and a perfect way to celebrate these wondrous underwater creatures– while having some fun.

This year in honor of Shark Week, we’re gifting you free downloadable party favors! We know this is a great opportunity to be interactive and extend Shark Week as a learning experience for your little ones. Check out our downloadables in action below– we recommend having some figurines from our Wild Safari ® and Monterey Bay Aquarium® Sea Life Collections to accompany your snacks.

Get your SAFARI LTD Shark Week Party Favors here!

DIY Bonus Tip:

We used corks to attach our free Shark Week Party favors onto snack bowls! Just grab 2-3 corks, cut a tiny slit in the bottom with a knife, stick the cork on the side of the bowl (make sure the slit is nice and snug so you’re cork won’t fall) and tape your freebie to the cork! See some illustrations below:

Safari Ltd® figurines are educational, hand-crafted specialty toys. They’re basically collectables your little ones can play with. Known for their accuracy and detail, educators and parents love these figurines as they allow children to learn more about nature’s creatures while playing! Not to mention, adults really love them too.


Shark Week Free DIY Safari Ltd Party Favors Happy Shark Week!

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