Manatee : Cow of the Sea

Manatees, also known as Sea Cows, are marine mammals that can be found in the Amazon, West Africa, and along the North American coast from Florida down to Read More

Bearded Pigs

Meandering across the islands of Indonesia and Southeast Asia, the Bearded Pig (also known as the Borneo Bearded Pig) is one the only species of the suid (pig) Read More

The Origins of Halloween

The origins of Halloween coincides with the autumn harvests and the coming of winter, as bringing the foods in from the fields was nearly complete and stockpiling for Read More

Scorpions: Biome Survivalists

Scorpions are often associated with an image of hot golden deserts, rolling tumbleweeds, and tall spiny cacti casting hard shadows across the sand. Perhaps, the said critter is Read More

The Little Brown Bat

The Little Brown Bat can be found in almost all states across North America, in caves, hollows and urban areas where they find warm humid areas to roost. Read More

Black Widow Spider

  Found in undisturbed areas of a cluttered home, or outside in temperate regions of the western hemisphere, the Black Widow Spider female is known to have quite Read More