Bring the world of fairies into to your room with our Toys That Teach®. These figurines will take your imaginative play to the next level. Whether its the Monarch Butterfly from our Hidden Kingdom Insects collection or the Tea Party Set from the Fairy Fantasies®, these figures will transform your room into a imaginary wonderland.

Our figurines are professionally sculpted and individually hand-painted with realistic details. Ultra-durable, tried and true; these toys are made to last!

Featured in this video are Jasmine, Buttercup, Violet and the Tea Party Set from our Fairy Fantasies® collection. Also are the Ladybug, Honey Bee and Monarch Butterfly from our Hidden Kingdom Insects collection. Along with the Honey Bee, Eastern Chipmunk and Hedgehog from our Incredible Creatures series.

Travel back to a land in time where dinosaurs roamed the earth. Our professionally sculpted and individually hand-painted figurines are realistic with vivid colors and detailed features. A great tool for education, our Toys That Teach® are a fantastic addition to any classroom or child’s toy collection. Ultra durable and dishwasher safe, these toys are meant to last! Learn more about some of the dinos in our Wild Safari® Prehistoric World Dinosaurs collection. ‪#‎LoveSafari‬

We love discovering new games and ideas to educate children on animals! This very easy, DIY board game is a wonderful interactive way to develop your child’s understanding while playing and having fun.

The aim of this game is for your little one to begin identifying and categorizing the different types of animals based on where they live and what sounds they make.

Things you’ll need:

  1. Poster board or dry erase board (Tip: a small to medium dry erase board will allow for multiple variations and allow for easier changes)
  2. Sharpie
  3. Safari Ltd® Arctic TOOB®
  4. Safari Ltd® Wild TOOB®

To set up the game, find a similarity that roughly half of the animals you are using share, for example: Likes Snow/Doesn’t like Snow, Lives on a Farm/Lives in the Wild, etc…

These will be the categories you write on the board, using a line to split the board in two. In our case, we’ve split our board into “Likes Snow” and “Does Not Like Snow”.

Mix up the Safari Ltd® animal figurines and explain to your child that they must choose which animal belongs in each group. This will not only educate them on certain characteristics that animals may share, but also allow them to physically examine each animal and make decisions based on their hands-on observations.

Having the dry erase board can allow this game to manipulated quickly and easily let the fun go on and on, but a poster board can be re-used as well. With a wide variety of educational Safari Ltd® TOOBS® and figurines, children can learn about so many different animal species!

Your child’s bedroom is a constantly-evolving terrain. For the inner designer in you, this could be your canvas!

As children begin to grow up and develop their own favorite animals, interests or hobbies, they’ll want their bedroom to reflect that. We’ve had our eye on a popular Pinterest project we think is a great opportunity to involve your kids in! You’ll both have a great time choosing colors and favorite animals that will adorn the walls.

This project sets up a nice opportunity to teach as you create. We were really inspired by Babble Blog and decided to add our own twist to their fabulous project… Toys That Teach®.

As you read the simple instructions below, incorporate learning by reinforcing different animals, their roles and what sounds they make. As you decorate, you’ll be flexing your child’s learning muscles and your creative juices all at once!

You’ll need:

  1. Safari Ltd® figurines: You’ll want 1 figurine per canvas, depending on the size of each canvas. We recommend, TOOBS® and anything from Safari Ltd®’s Classic Collections for our medium-sized canvases below.
  2. We chose:Wild Safari® North American Wildlife Gray Wolf , Safari Ltd® Farm Alpaca, Safari Ltd® Butterflies TOOBS® (*This comes with 8 butterflies, so we saved the rest for more fun DIY projects!)
  3. 3-6 small canvas boards (or however many you’d like to place on the wall)
  4. Paint (acrylic paint works best)
  5. Craft Glue
  6. Glitter (in any colors you and your child like best)
  7. Hairspray

Step 1: Choose your animals

This is one of the best parts for your kid. Once you have your Safari Ltd® figurines, splatter them all over floor! Ask your kido to choose his favorites. As they hand you their preferred animals, ask them questions like, what animal is this? What sound do they make? Where do they live?

Step 2: Paint your canvas

Choose whichever color scheme your kid likes. Feel free to get really creative and choose an array! Paint the canvases you chose.

 Step 3: Paint your animals

Using the same acrylic paint, choose the colors with your child. Once the animals and dried, lather them with craft glue, and glitter the side that will show on the canvas. They should take about an hour to dry.

Step 4: Retouch and hair spray

Retouch and paint any areas you may have missed and spray each figurine with hairspray to lock in the glitter!

Step 5: Mount your critters

Using an adhesive, mount each animal on the canvas of your choosing.

Step 6: Hang and admire!

Job well done.


Safari Ltd® and Sweet Moments Bakery and Events teamed up to put together this vlog on “How to Decorate an Under The Sea” themed cake. This DIY cake decor project is a fun and exciting activity to do with your loved ones.

You will need the following items:

1. Safari Ltd® Coral Reef and Seashells TOOBS®

2. You can purchase a pre-made plain cake or bake your own (cover in icing or fondant).

3. Crushed graham crackers as your sand.

4. You will also need edible glue to secure the Safari Ltd® figurines in place on and around your cake.

5. For that extra touch, you can make fondant circle for bubbles and coral decor or use icing.

These wonderfully easy dessert-like snacks are a tasty healthy alternative to children and adults alike. A sweet tooth is a horrible thing to waste, but it’s much easier to tame your cravings in a wholesome way. Teaching your children these healthier ways to curb their sweet cravings will set them up for a lifetime of good eating habits!

We also really love how adorable and interactive these snacks can be. If you’re having a party, this is an especially fun activity as the ingredients are colorful and each person can tailor-make their very own apple pop. We love incorporating party themes and favors into our finished displays, so we sprinkled a slew of our Safari Ltd® Wildlife critters below!

You’ll need:
Wood skewers (as many as the apple pops you plan to make)
Apples (again, as many as you’d like to gobble up)
Greek yogurt

Toppings: You can pretty much choose anything under the sun here as apples and Greek yogurt set a neutral enough pallet to complement an array of toppings. Here are some of our ideas:


Chia Seeds
Coconut shavings

The process itself is simple.

First, cut up the apples and stick them firmly on a skewer. Then, dip them first in Greek yogurt.

Once your apple has a solid layer of yogurt, feel free to dip it in whatever other topping you’d like. It’s okay to mix and match!

Once you’ve got your finished apple pops dipped, pop those suckers in the freezer! Let them sit for 10-15 minutes.

Check they hardened and enjoy!


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The coming of Spring brings warm weather, flowers and holiday DIY fun! While we love excuses to eat candy, moms and educators across the globe have been finding more creative and healthy ways to fill their little one’s eggs and baskets. This year, the Safari Ltd® team is turning to imaginative, outdoor play as our egg filler. We’re using our popular Safari Ltd® Good Luck Minis in place of candy! These tiny figurines conveniently fit in eggs and provide an educational component to the traditional egg hunting festivities.

We’re using the Garden Fun Pack Minis as kiddos will likely be hunting outdoors, but there are a ton of fun, educational collections you can use. Get creative and theme to your child’s preferences!

Here’s what you’ll need:


A kid’s room can be a chaotic land filled with mythical creatures, tossed around shoes and blankets from galaxies far, far away. The imaginative spirit of play is something to savor for these years, but it doesn’t have to be quite so messy!

Making your kid’s room storage friendly is one of the best things a parent can do for their sanity! Often times, the best solutions work in tandem… like our DIY wine crate storage project below.

DIY wine crate projects are everywhere these days. These crates are so simple to make and add a much needed pop to any room… your child’s in particular. Putting up wine crates is extremely simple and gives any bedroom a rustic decor feel. Additionally, the crates and take care of messy toys by serving simultaneously as storage and display.

Animal figurines are experiencing a big comeback in the home decor scene. So, we like this DIY project even more as it offers a stylish and simple way to show off your kids’ favorite animals. Our favorite of course, are Safari Ltd® animal figurines. These handmade treasures have been passed down for generations. The down-to-earth collectables are accessible, maintain their integrity over time and make killer bedroom decor.


You will need:

  1. Wine Crates
  2. Paint (optional)
  3. Drill and nails
  4. Safari Ltd® Incredible Creatures


Step 1: Collect 1-3 wine crates (depending on the wall and available space).

Step 2: (Optional) Paint the wine crate. If the room is neutral colored, you could choose a hue that stands out so the focus will lead to the wine crates. If the wall is already a vibrant color, choose a muted tone like white or grey, or simply leave as is. The natural wooden texture goes well with any wall color… and it’s the easiest!

Step 3: Measure out where you’d like to place the crates and drill them in the wall! Two people work best for this: one to hold and the other to stand back, assess the evenness and drill!

Step 4: Put your child’s Safari Ltd® figurines up for display giving your child’s room a break from the chaos of toys running wild!



Today we are going to take a magical trip to a wonderful place…your yard!


Fairy Gardens have been a long-time Pinterest trend we can’t get enough of. Not only do they give your garden much needed pizzaz, they’re great for your little ones. Children of any age love fantasy creatures, and sprinkling just a few of our Safari Ltd® fairies and mythical figurines around your backyard will instantly transform your it into your child’s imaginative playground.

You’ll need:

Existing garden space OR

Bird bath, small houses and stones or pebbles

Fairy Fantasies TOOB or collection of larger Fairies

1.     If using a birdbath, make sure to place it in a good location so that it will experience the least amount of direct weather exposure. Intense water and/or wind can wipe out even the most magical fairy gardens!

Once you’ve gotten to this point plan out where you want your decorative elements, you have a few choices.

For the advanced fairy gardener, you can arrange small houses and rocks within your birdhouse setting up a little home for your fairies. Sprinkle your stones and pebbles!

For the more organic fairy gardener, skip straight on to step 2, using a section of your actual garden or yard space.

2. Last but not least, let the fairies loose! Arrange your fairies in any playful manner you’d like. This is a great opportunity to get your little ones involved in imaginative role playing.

Transforming your backyard into a magical fairy garden is a great way to get your kids playing outside and enjoying Mother Nature.

Do you have your own Fairy Garden or Village? Describe it to us in the comments below!




Being a mascot is no easy task. Wendy, Flow, Mr. Geico Gecko… we’ve all got some pretty big responsibilities. I myself feel lucky Safari Ltd® chose me long ago to hang out by its name and represent such lovely people. In the spirit of that, and general mascot appreciation, I’d like to tell our story.

History is one of my favorite subjects, our own at Safari Ltd® not excluded. In a galaxy far, far away… or Florida in the 1970’s… two nature-loving enthusiasts started Safari Ltd® in their small North Miami Beach apartment.

Bernard and Rosemary Rubel were two people with a mission, to spread word on the importance of conserving endangered animals and educational toys. In the fine summer of ‘79, on a vacation to Munich, Germany, the Rubels stumbled upon a zoo shop. Here, they discovered a pair of rummy playing cards that would forever alter their story. The German cards featured photos of exquisite, wild animals and information on each. They had the cards translated and sent back home… here is where it gets good.

Back in Florida, the inspired couple began to take photos of wild animals around the state, converting their photography into postcards sold at zoos and other attractions. With the iconic Rolleiflex camera, the Rubels captured local wildlife, accomplishing their mission of spreading awareness of these animals and the importance of conserving them.

Eventually, the Rubels would go back to Germany, a favorite vacation spot of theirs, and see the toys that would inspire what the world now knows as Safari Ltd® figurines.

Spreading the mission, the Rubels made sure all their figurines would be developed as close to the original animal’s likeliness as possible. This would ensure children grew up truly knowing these animals and learning through the art of play.

Fast forward to present day, and Safari Ltd® has grown internationally and stayed a family affair. Ramona Pariente inherited the family biz from her parents and kept the legacy going for decades. Just recently, she passed the torch to her son, CEO Alexandre Pariente.

Keeping to family tradition, Alexandre runs the company with his wife, President Christina Pariente. These two animal enthusiasts and nature appreciators have been growing Safari Ltd® and spreading its mission of teaching children the importance of nature and conservation through the joy of play. With newly-devised efforts, like Safaripedia, this duo is taking Toys that Teach® to a whole other level!

I leave you here and with a quote, because who doesn’t like quotes? Yesterday is history, and tomorrow is a mystery.

Stay tuned and the blog for more exciting posts from an alligator, history buff and mascot extraordinaire.

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Peace, love and nature,





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