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Happy Jellyfish Day!
November 3, 2017
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Safari Ltd – Perfect for Pinball!
November 22, 2017

It’s that time again: another reveal of 2018 figures from Safari Ltd®! This time we’ve got new entries in the Incredible Creatures® scaled figure line, as well as new mammals and dinosaurs for our Prehistoric World collection, plus horses, sea life, Good Luck Minis® and more! So, let’s check out what’s available now…


Prehistoric World

This time, our reveal not only includes two new dinosaur figures, but two prehistoric mammals as well. First up is the recently discovered Regaliceratops, a relative of Triceratops with a crown-like frill. Also available is a brand new Ankylosaurus figure, dynamically posed to defend itself from an attacking predator.


Safari Ltd Prehistoric World Regaliceratops Dinosaur Figure


Safari Ltd Prehistoric World Ankylosaurus Dinosaur Figure


Fast forward several million years, and you’ll find our two newest prehistoric mammals: the rhinoceros-like Megacerops and the unique Uintatherium. Megacerops, part of a group of mammals called brontotheres (“thunder beasts”), features a large forked horn made of bone on its nose, while the Uintatherium has a skull with six strange bony knobs, as well as large tusks in its upper jaw. Both huge herbivores (plant eaters) were some of the biggest beasts of their time.


Safari Ltd Prehistoric World Uintatherium Figure


Safari Ltd Prehistoric World Megacerops Figure



Wild Safari

The Wild Safari collection gets new additions to its Wildlife, North American Wildlife and Sea Life lines. Two Asian mammals join our Wildlife figures: the critically endangered Sumatran Rhino and the tusked pig known as the Babirusa.


Safari Ltd Wild Safari Sumatran Rhino Figure

Sumatran Rhino

Safari Ltd Wild Safari Babirusa Figure


Heading from Asia to North America, a Bison figure with a brand new sculpt is ready to charge its way into your collection. Meanwhile, a Sei Whale awaits in the ocean to join the ranks of our other baleen whale figures.


Safari Ltd North American Wildlife Bison Figure


Safari Ltd Wild Safari Sea Life Sei Whale Figure

Sei Whale


Incredible Creatures® & Good Luck Minis®

Our scaled Incredible Creatures® line gets a new reptile and a remastered amphibian. The Corn Snake is full of beautiful, intricate details in its sculpt and paint, while the Flying Tree Frog gets a remastered, updated paint job.


Safari Ltd Incredible Creatures Corn Snake Figure

Corn Snake

Safari Ltd Incredible Creatures Flying Tree Frog Figure

Flying Tree Frog

On the small side, we have three new Good Luck Minis®: Horses, Barn Owls and Squids, taking care of the land, air and sea, respectively. As always, these tiny pocket-sized mini figures make great decorations and giveaways for themed events and parties.

Safari Ltd Barn Owl Good Luck Minis Figures

Good Luck Minis Barn Owls

Safari Ltd Squids Good Luck Minis

Good Luck Minis Squids

Safari Ltd Good Luck Minis Horse Figures

Good Luck Minis Horses

Safari Farm, Winner’s Circle & Best in Show

But wait, there’s more – we haven’t forgotten about our farm fans. An Ameraucana Chicken figure showcases the unique features of this American breed, while a new Tinker Horse displays the signature feathering of the fur around its hooves.


Safari Ltd Safari Farm Ameraucana Chicken Figure

Ameraucana Chicken

Safari Ltd Winner's Circle Horses Tinker Figure


Another horse figure, the Przewalski’s Horse, is a bit of a departure from our typical Winner’s Circle offerings. It’s not a domestic horse, but rather the only true wild horse that has never been tamed by humans. These critically endangered horses are nearly extinct, sadly, but you can take home your own miniature version today.


Safari Ltd Best in Show Siamese Cat Figure


Safari Ltd Winner's Circle Horses Przewalski's Horse Figure

Przewalski’s Horse

Finally, our Best in Show line gets a new kitty: the Siamese. This figure is an excellent representation of this iconic breed, including its blue eyes and its “pointed” coat pattern. All of these figures are currently available right now at!

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  1. I would love to know when your next wave comes out, I am especially excited for your new triceratops, hyaenadon, dimetrodon, and malawisaurus it would be awesome if they came out on my birthday November 17 but what are the chances of that right?!? Eagerly waiting for them to release XD

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