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February 3, 2016
Farm Sensory Bin
DIY Farm Sensory Bin
February 4, 2016
DIY Fair Jar
Fairy gardens are famous among gardeners everywhere. Safari Ltd® Fairy Fantasies line has been a famous player in the DIY gardening arena, and in the steps below we will show you how to take this popular decor trend and create your very own fairy garden jar to adorn your home or work space.

Things you’ll need:

Jasmine figurine from Safari Ltd® Fairy Fantasies collection (We liked Jasmine because she comes in a standing position, but any fairy will work beautifully!)

Mason jar

Colorful rocks and succulents (The accessories you use to decorate your fairy garden jar are completely up to you. Get creative here! We choose colorful rocks and succulents to give a whimsical felling, but any plants and natural trimmings will do.)


Step 1 Place rocks and succulents (or whatever accessories you’re using) inside mason jar.

Step 2 Place your fairy however you’d like and enjoy your new fairy terrarium!

Do you have a fairy garden or a terrarium?

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