DIY Animal Figurine Canvas Set
May 5, 2015
Wild Safari® Prehistoric World Dinosaurs
May 5, 2015

Learn about animals with our DIY game featuring Safari Ltd® TOOBS®

We love discovering new games and ideas to educate children on animals! This very easy, DIY board game is a wonderful interactive way to develop your child’s understanding while playing and having fun.

The aim of this game is for your little one to begin identifying and categorizing the different types of animals based on where they live and what sounds they make.

Things you’ll need:

  1. Poster board or dry erase board (Tip: a small to medium dry erase board will allow for multiple variations and allow for easier changes)
  2. Sharpie
  3. Safari Ltd® Arctic TOOB®
  4. Safari Ltd® Wild TOOB®
To set up the game, find a similarity that roughly half of the animals you are using share, for example: Likes Snow/Doesn’t like Snow, Lives on a Farm/Lives in the Wild, etc...

These will be the categories you write on the board, using a line to split the board in two. In our case, we’ve split our board into “Likes Snow” and “Does Not Like Snow”.

Mix up the Safari Ltd® animal figurines and explain to your child that they must choose which animal belongs in each group. This will not only educate them on certain characteristics that animals may share, but also allow them to physically examine each animal and make decisions based on their hands-on observations.

Having the dry erase board can allow this game to manipulated quickly and easily let the fun go on and on, but a poster board can be re-used as well. With a wide variety of educational Safari Ltd® TOOBS® and figurines, children can learn about so many different animal species!

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